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Wholistic dentistry is an approach to dentistry with the belief that the mouth is an integral part of the body and vice versa. It is a system that recognizes the important relationship between oral health and overall body health. With this approach to dental care, Junction Wholistic Dentist Ontario create solutions for maintaining oral health without compromising the rest of the body.

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Misaligned teeth not only look unaesthetic but can have significant consequences upon your oral health. When teeth overlap against each other, this creates areas where bacteria can collect and cause significant decay and periodontitis (gum disease). Misaligned teeth can also result in jaw joint issues in certain individuals. When the teeth are not in the proper position, the jaw joint takes on heavier forces than normal. As a result, the joint undergoes abnormally advanced wear and tear creating painful issues later on in life. Lastly, when the teeth are not in a harmonic relationship with one another, premature wear can occur on the teeth. Enamel, once lost, will unfortunately never grow back. As a result, we Toronto Orthodontics will always try to prolong the lifetime of your teeth and help you avoid premature loss of tooth structure as a result of poorly aligned teeth.

At Junction Family Dental Care, we will fully assess all children and adults for alignment issues. In certain individuals, crooked teeth occur as a result of skeletal growth anomalies. We have a special x-rays (called a cephalometric x-ray) that allows us to identify these problems. To correct these issues, orthopedic, also known as bone changing, devices that are very simple, removable, and comfortable can be used in early correction of skeletal growth issues in a developing child. We will always screen children for these issues and inform the parent(s) of any concerns. Treating children earlier, we can avoid extracting teeth later.For adults, if the underlying issue is a skeletal deficiency, more work is required in order to align the skeletal anomolies. Our Oral Wellness Dentist Ontario will discuss your customized treatment plan with you in order to get your teeth in better alignment.

At Junction Family Dental Care, we possess the latest technology when it comes to re-aligning crooked teeth. Our Oral Wellness Doctors have training in Invisalign – a transparent tray system that is comfortable, removable, and highly esthetic. Our Oral Wellness Doctors also have extensive training in traditional braces utilizing the smallest, sleekest, and most comfortable bracket designed to minimize discomfort during orthodontic treatment. In fact, our brackets do not require elastics! This minimizes the time you are in the office, more rapid treatment, and allows you to keep your teeth cleaner during your orthodontic treatment. Of course, if you like to have colourful elastics on your brackets, we can still put them on your front teeth!

Emergency Dental Care

Emergency Dental Care at Junction Family Dental Care, if you are our patient, we are committed to seeing you the same day your dental emergency arises. If you are not our patient, we will do our best to see you as soon as possible within 24 hrs. Our goal will be to remove your pain, reduce chances of infection, and resolve your dental emergency as soon as possible.

On the biting surfaces of your premolars and molars, you will notice deep grooves, pits, and fissures. These are normal anatomical structures. These deep crevices allow for the collection of bacteria, plaque, and food debris. Over time, these are the sites at greatest risk for developing cavities. In fact, studies show 80% of molars and premolars are treated with fillings in these areas by the time you reach adulthood. As a result, we encourage protection of these high risk areas in children and young adults with a material called a sealant. A sealant is a protective coating that is applied to the grooves and pits of your teeth. It keeps bacteria and food out of the crevices, protecting your teeth against cavities. This is a very simple, quick, and easy procedure performed by our Oral Wellness Hygienist.
Tooth-Coloured Composite Fillings
Fillings are, unfortunately, the most common type of procedure performed by dentists. The filling material is composed of tiny glass pieces and is therefore, BPA free. Although they are not as strong or esthetic as solid porcelain fillings, they are a more economical choice of filling material. This type of filling can be placed by our Oral Wellness Dentist in one appointment. Please ask about our BPA free composite material.
Porcelain Inlay & Onlay / Porcelain Filling
Porcelain is not only the most esthetic, stain resistant, and longest lasting material possible, but it is also the most biocompatible material we can use in your mouth. When we say “biocompatible”, we mean that it is the most compatible with living tissue by being non-toxic, non-damaging, and not causing an immunological rejection within the body. The porcelain inlay/onlay is made by a ceramic artist who will sculpt the filling and shade it to match your existing tooth structure. The custom made inlay/onlay is placed in two appointments.
Porcelain Crown
All of our crowns are made of porcelain. We prefer to stay away from metals whenever possible, as studies have shown that a certain degree of corrosion and breakdown occurs with any type of metal placed in the mouth for an extended period of time. Porcelain is also more esthetic pleasing. Similar to a porcelain inlay/onlay, a ceramic artist will sculpt and design each individual crown according to your own unique characteristics.
Porcelain Bridge
A porcelain bridge is used to fill an empty space previously occupied by a tooth. Whenever possible, the porcelain bridge is made without a metal framework to avoid the use of metals and reduce the possibility of corrosion by-products leaching into the mouth.
Root Canals
Root canals are a great alternative to save teeth when the nerve becomes irreversibly damaged or infected. At Junction Family Dental Care in Toronto, Ontario, we utilize the latest technologies in order to provide the least amount of discomfort during this procedure.
Reversing Cavities
When cavities first begin to form, they are on the outermost layer of the tooth, also known as the enamel. When the cavity and bacteria that cause cavities penetrate the enamel layer, the damage is irreversible and dental care is required at that time. However, when the cavity is still in the outermost portion of the enamel, there is an opportunity to actually reverse the disease process. This reversal is performed with special dental materials that contain fluoride (for providing mineralizing strength), calcium, and phosphate (the building blocks of enamel). In some cases, a natural alternative can be used in lieu of fluoride. We as biological dentist in Toronto, Ontario, provide this service to our clients in an attempt to save the teeth from fillings and arrest the cavity developing process.
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