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Wholistic dentistry is an approach to dentistry with the belief that the mouth is an integral part of the body and vice versa. It is a system that recognizes the important relationship between oral health and overall body health. With this approach to dental care, Junction Wholistic Dentist Ontario create solutions for maintaining oral health without compromising the rest of the body.

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Emergency Dental Care

Emergency Dental Care at Junction Family Dental Care, if you are our patient, we are committed to seeing you the same day your dental emergency arises. If you are not our patient, we will do our best to see you as soon as possible within 24 hrs. Our goal will be to remove your pain, reduce chances of infection, and resolve your dental emergency as soon as possible.

Wisdom Teeth Removal
Most wisdom teeth extractions are performed in our office by our Oral Wellness Dentists. You will be fully anesthetized and as comfortable as possible before the procedure begins. The equipment that is used in our office are designed to be as minimally invasive as possible in order to reduce the amount of discomfort that you will experience after the surgery. Upon completion of the treatment, you will receive frozen tea bags that will be placed in the areas of tooth removal. This allows for the tannins in the tea to slow down the bleeding. Inflammation is also reduced by the coolness in the tea bags. This all translates to less discomfort following treatment. In rare cases where complications are anticipated, you will be referred to our exclusive list of specialists that were handpicked by our Oral Wellness Dentists due to their high level of knowledge and skill in their field.
Bone Grafts
In many instances, bone grafts are recommended when teeth are removed. In fact, many surgeons feel this is the gold standard of treatment. Bone grafts significantly preserve bone around the adjacent teeth. Bone grafts also reduce the healing time which becomes particularly important for clients wanting faster implant placement. Bone grafts may sound complicated, but it is actually a very simple procedure that typically follows immediately after tooth removal. We will discuss with you if bone grafts are recommended for your treatment during your consultation.
Nitrous Sedation
Also known as “laughing gas”, nitrous sedation is offered at Junction Family Dental Care because it is the safest form of sedation in dentistry. It provides clients, who are especially nervous, with a safe form of relaxation and light sedation. All that you have to do is breathe through a specialized nose piece. Once the sedation and procedure is completed, the gas is completely removed from your system by breathing 100% pure oxygen. You are safe to drive home your Oral Therapy is complete. This is also the safest form of sedation that we offer our pediatric clients, especially if it is their first time seeing an Oral Wellness Dentist. We find it is the best and safest way to introduce dentistry to young children.
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