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Mental health can impact your oral health.  Traumatic experiences, depression, or stress often lead to clenching and/or grinding of teeth while awake and especially while asleep.  This can cause bruising of the teeth and TMJ (Temporal Mandibular [Jaw] Joint) disorders.  Moreover, depression and stress lead to a weaker immune system which increases the probability for an oral infection.  Conditions such as dry mouth often result from medications prescribed for stress or depression.  Reducing saliva in the mouth prevents the body from neutralizing harmful cavity causing acid from bacteria.

Oral health can also impact mental health particularly later in life.

Oral health can also impact mental health particularly later in life.  A bacterium, Porphyromonas gingivalis, has been found in patients’ brains with dementia.  This bacterium is usually associated with long term gum disease.  A spirochete commonly found in patients with gum disease has also been isolated in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients.

That is why at Junction Family Dental Care, we take gum disease very seriously.  We will analyze your bacteria, provide the best gum treatment and monitor your gum disease very closely.  We also provide night guards to treat and prevent TMJ disorders, and immune system support recommendations.  We also try to minimize the amount of stress and anxiety you feel in a dental office by providing laughing gas (nitrous gas); aromatherapy; a quiet, clean, and relaxing environment; noise-cancelling headphones; movies and TV shows; and blankets to keep you warm.  We will also carefully monitor which drugs you take and help minimize the saliva reducing effects of certain drugs.

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