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How are you feeling today?

Emotional health can impact oral health. Dental phobia can prevent individuals from visiting the dental office regularly. However, when the pain is so excruciating, no amount of fear will prevent a visit to a dental office. Unfortunately, by this time, prevention is usually too late and, often times, extensive treatment is required. In some cases, individuals may be prescribed medications to improve emotional health. These medications can also have undesirable side effects, such as dry mouth, that can negatively impact oral health.

Oral health impacts emotional health. A healthy smile is not hidden.

Unhealthy smiles are often hidden due to esthetic insecurity but also because of possible odour from periodontitis (gum disease). Bad breath, also known as halitosis, caused by gum disease, will develop into a reluctance to smile or even speak when close to other people. An individual who has healthy teeth and gums will not be afraid or embarrassed to smile. To overcome these emotional barriers, at Junction Family Dental Care, we offer laughing gas, aromatherapy, a quiet, clean, and relaxing environment, noise-cancelling headphones, movies and TV shows, blankets to keep you warm, and a therapy dog to help you feel more relaxed. We will also carefully monitor which drugs you take and help minimize the saliva reducing effects of certain drugs.

That is why at Junction Family Dental Care, we take gum disease very seriously.  We will analyze your bacteria, provide the best gum treatment and monitor your gum disease very closely.  We also provide night guards to treat and prevent TMJ disorders, and immune system support recommendations.  We also try to minimize the amount of stress and anxiety you feel in a dental office by providing laughing gas (nitrous gas); aromatherapy; a quiet, clean, and relaxing environment; noise-cancelling headphones; movies and TV shows; and blankets to keep you warm.  We will also carefully monitor which drugs you take and help minimize the saliva reducing effects of certain drugs.

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