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Germ-Free Water

At Junction Family Dental Care, our water, even the water in the toilets, goes through a very rigorous, customized, filtration system. Even our hot water is filtered! The filtration system filters most harmful heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, and even kills most bacteria and viruses. The filtration system is carefully monitored so that only the best and purest water is available during your Oral Therapy and your visit with us.

Microscope Analysis Of Bacteria

At Junction Family Dental Care, we insist upon personalized Oral Therapies catered to your unique oral conditions and goals. All of our new patients are screened for the presence of harmful bacteria using a light microscope. By identifying which species and amount of harmful bacteria, we are able to create a customized Oral Therapy.

We do not believe in the “shotgun approach” to dentistry which attempts to treat disease by broad spectrum antibiotics – hoping that your disease is somehow treated. We believe this approach to health care is irresponsible, and we feel that YOU deserve our attention.

HD TV And Noise-Canceling Headphones

In order to provide the ultimate experience for you, we have invested in providing two televisions in each dental and hygiene suite. One of the television screens is placed on the ceiling so that you can enjoy entertainment while fulfilling your customized Oral Therapy – comfortably without craning your neck.

Digital X-rays And Lead Protected Walls:

We believe your safety is of paramount importance. That is why we do not hesitate to invest in the latest X-ray technology. Our office is equipped with the latest digital X-ray machines and sensors which provide a far superior image while exposing you to the smallest amount of radiation possible.

Air Filtration

At Junction Family Dental Care, we have chosen not to use a plenum return air system. While plenum return air is regarded to be safe, we have chosen to implement ducted return air so that no dust or any other harmful particle from the plenum is picked up and circulated throughout the office.

You may have noticed that you do not smell the typical dental office smell. This is due to our superior air exchanger and also our filtration system.

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