What to Expect at a Biological Dentist?

Jan 3, 2023

What Do Expect At a Biological Dentistry?.

What can you expect at a biological dental appointment that you wouldn’t get at a conventional dental office? Let’s take a look at several ways an experience with Junction Family Dental will differ from an appointment with traditional dentistry.

  • Patient education: At our biological dental clinic, expect to spend more time being educated by our wholistic dental professionals. This will include learning about the importance of the mouth-body connection and maintaining your oral and overall health. We will discuss topics such as reducing toxic overload while also educating on alternative/ natural remedies to cure oral ailments.
  • Extensive discussion of prior medical and dental history: While traditional dentists will focus mainly on dental health, we understand that knowing your entire medical history can help us determine your risk of developing certain oral and overall health problems. This will also help us administer the right treatment choices specifically for your needs. We wouldn’t want to make a potentially dangerous decision to use medications, anesthetic or materials that are not suited or biocompatible with your body.
  • Focus on whole-body health in relation to oral health: At our biological dentistry we treat oral problems by focusing on all aspects of health. This includes your physical, emotional, and spiritual health.
  • A unique treatment plan: At your consultation with our wholistic dental clinic, we do a free microscope analysis of your oral bacteria. By better understanding your microbiology we are able to custom tailor or dental treatment plan.

When you come to visit Junction Family Dental in Toronto you will truly understand the difference between our biological dental clinic in comparison to traditional dentistry. Book your appointment with us today if you’re ready for your own wholistic dental experience!

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