Diabetes and Oral Health

Mar 30, 2022

Diabetes and Oral Health.

At our biological dental clinic in Ontario, we understand that there is a significant impact that
having diabetes can have on your oral health. More than one-quarter of Canadians are living
with diabetes or prediabetes, making them highly susceptible to oral infections and making it
crucial for them to take better caution with their oral health.

Diabetics have a much higher probability of developing gum disease. While gum disease is
usually progressive, with diabetes, effects are much faster and more destructive.

When living with diabetes, the most important part in keeping your teeth, mouth and gums
healthy is keeping your blood sugar levels as close to target as possible. When blood glucose
levels are not maintained, elevated glucose circulates throughout the body and the mouth
begins to accumulate excess bacteria. High blood sugar can damage gums and teeth in the
same way that it can damage the heart, eyes, and nerves.

On the other hand, when a person with diabetes has gum disease, such an infection can
then destabilize blood glucose levels in the body, allowing the effects of diabetes to progress
exponentially. It is important to know that taking care of your mouth and gums will have an
overall positive effect on keeping your diabetes under control.

Your Toronto dentist can often spot the signs for diabetes in a patient before they have been
diagnosed by a doctor. This includes noticing oral thrush, early signs of gum disease, and/ or
dry mouth symptoms.

To help prevent infections and complications that can damage teeth and gums, people with
diabetes must take their condition and oral care seriously.

As always, at Junction Family Dental we hope to be your valuable ally to your best oral and
overall health. If you have diabetes and have any concerns about the state of your oral health in
relation to your condition, please give us a call today!

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